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Buy dissertation from professionals

One of the main things to consider in any service is the skill of its experts. Our company offers you the chance to buy dissertation from true professionals. We take 3 major actions to ensure the high professional level of our experts.

  1. A thorough selection process. When searching for people who can write dissertations, we care about their expertise. In practice, this means that we select people with a higher education. For non-dissertation-related tasks, we usually try to find individuals with any type of higher education. Regarding the dissertations, our goal is to work with Ph.D. graduates or very talented holders of Master's degrees. A dissertation requires tremendously high quality. It's complex and long; hence, only people with experience in writing such texts enter our dissertation department. What do we do to make such a selection? Our company requires many tests and reviews the candidates’ past learning histories. In this way, we ensure that only the best individuals join our service.
  2. Constant quality checks. Every dissertation writer undergoes analysis by the quality control department. What does that imply? They have to constantly maintain a high level of writing. We only let the people with the best QC scores join our dissertation team. Why? Because the task requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill. More importantly, the testing continues once a person has started to write dissertations. The goal of our company is to ensure that you get texts of high quality all the time. Continuous checks prevent situations where good writers relax and stop working well.
  3. Assessment from the customers. When someone decides to buy dissertation, they can also assess our work. After receiving the relevant dissertation chapter, one can say if it's within or above expectations. We thoroughly monitor this value, and only the writers with positive assessments get further dissertation writing tasks. This approach allows us to filter out the individuals who don’t know how to fulfill customer needs.

Buy dissertation at a relatively low price with our bidding system

Many services rely on a system of fixed payment. This means that they have some difficulty levels with texts and deadlines. Then, these values help define the price per page. The problem with this system is that it isn't good for people who want to buy dissertation online. Why? Dissertations tend to widely differ in difficulty. This means that no two tasks are identical and that you can't simply set a clear level for them. At our service, we resolve this problem once and for all. Instead of a stable price, we offer a bidding platform. What is it? It's a system where you can negotiate the prices of the papers with the writers.

How does this system work? After you give us the key data about your paper, we send it to the writers. People can select your order and offer their price for it. You, in turn, can try negotiating with them further. More importantly, the system offers you the opportunity to choose between several writers. All of them have different skills and expertise. Some may be better at one aspect of your work. Others may know how to work with several relevant disciplines. Your goal here is to select the best option according to your personal opinion. If you need exceptional quality, a writer with a “Top 10” label and a high price may be preferable. If you require a general draft to get some interesting ideas, someone with slightly less expertise can work. No payment occurs before you approve the writer. Thus, you can review the expert’s profile as much as you wish.

It’s convenient to buy a dissertation: An instruction

When you buy a dissertation, it's crucial to know some basics of ordering. Sometimes, certain customers are very disappointed that we can't find an expert for them. In many cases, the problem is the result of significant issues with the order’s details. How do you avoid them? Let's take a look at some tips!

Firstly, you should offer a very clear description of your task. What do we mean by that? Give a definite academic level for the dissertation and mark that you are after such a task. It's also crucial to give a clear number of words/pages you hope to see. Please note that our service is word-oriented. Don't forget about the most important element, either: the description of the order. Give us all the data you have to help us understand the task as thoroughly as possible. In simple and clear English, describe what you want from the dissertation. What are your expectations? Do you want some upgrades to the structure? Give as much data as possible. Detailed instructions are what our writers truly want.

Secondly, don't forget to offer all the relevant files. Many orders get rejected because the writers don't receive the promised articles or books. Sometimes, instructors give all the key instructions for the assignments in MS Word files. Besides, it's impossible to find every source or piece of material on the Internet. If something is in the description or the instructions file, better upload it (and don't forget the instructions file, either!).

Thirdly, don't hesitate to answer every one of the writer’s questions. Many of our workers tell us that they may sometimes be willing to take orders but can’t, the problem for them being the lack of customer feedback. If you want to buy a dissertation online, the best option is to communicate with the writers as much as possible. The more information you give them, the better.

Lastly, don't forget to provide feedback and check our site periodically once someone accepts your paper. After accepting the writer and paying, you should expect some additional questions. Dissertations are usually very difficult, which means that even preliminary questions won't be enough. Always try to stay in contact with the writer to get the highest quality service.

Get help from a service with tremendous expertise

Many people may have the following question: “Why your service?” Many sites offer help with dissertations. Well, the reason is simple in our case. This site belongs to a company with 10+ years of expertise in the field of essay writing. We have writers who have been working with us for more than 5 years. More importantly, our company has extensive expertise in various tasks. What does this imply? Primarily, we know how to select specialists. Over the years, we've developed a clear system for achieving this goal. Random people don't enter our firm; instead, we find the genuinely best individuals. Another vital element is our expertise in developing quality control systems. We know what to pay attention to at our service. Moreover, a vital factor for us is the ability to offer refined training to the relevant writers. Dissertation writers get high-quality training in this field, which means that they receive a massive investment in their knowledge.

Our service focuses on the quality of the overall experience too. Over the last 17 years, we’ve realized that customers need comfort. To provide maximal convenience, we offer a high-quality interface and provide 24/7 support. On the personal page of the site, you can review all the orders and contact the writers without any problems. The system for communication and uploading files is state-of-the-art. More importantly, it's possible to call us at any time. There's someone on the line 24/7. Do you want to find out something in the middle of the night? Don't worry, there's always someone ready to help you with your task. 24/7 support is one of the highlights of our service, and the result of many years of experience.

Your dissertation comes with great guarantees

Our service focuses on offering high-quality guarantees to customers. When you buy dissertations from us, you can expect the following.

  1. Free revisions. Do you want to change some aspects of your dissertation? Perhaps it's necessary to transform the style. Maybe some argument doesn't seem compelling enough to you. We don't ask for any additional payment in such cases. As long as you are within the scope of the original instructions, revisions are free. All you have to do is ask the writer to help you with redoing some aspects of your paper. And what if you change the instructions? This sometimes happens, and we have special discounts for such cases. For minor changes, you pay 30% of the paper's price. Regarding larger ones, the payment is 70%. More importantly, if it’s truly something small, you can always negotiate the price with the writer. At our service, doing revisions is very convenient.
  2. Money-back. Do you want us to return your funds? If so, don't worry; we're ready to give you your money back in some cases, no questions asked. Firstly, our company will return your funds if we can't find a writer for your task. We take money only for completed work, so you pay for the research paper writing service and not for the writer searching one. Secondly, if the writer hasn't yet completed your order, we're also ready to offer a refund. Simply ask us to cancel the order, and if the expert has already written something, we'll return the funds to him/her for the work performed from out of our budget, and you'll get a full refund for the work not yet done.

Sometimes, we also offer refunds when customers don't like the result. We have a special team of experts who review such cases. They do so independently from the writers, so you can expect a high-quality analysis. If these individuals see some issues, they will offer the return of the funds.

Where to buy dissertations safely: Try our service

Safety is one of the key factors for all our potential customers. The Bid4Papers website can deliver it in a high-quality manner. What are we doing to ensure safety? The first thing is the collection of minimal information about customers, as it's possible to remain fully anonymous at our service. In the paper ordering interface, we ask you to offer a name, which can be fake, an email, and a phone number (optional). By offering nicknames and temporary emails, you can prevent any attempts at deanonymization. We recommend giving us your phone number for contact-related reasons, but no one will ask for details if you're afraid of doing so.

Our company has a good chat system on its website for contact with the customers. Another aspect of this 'minimal' strategy is that we don't give our writers any personal data about you. For them, you're an anonymous customer. Our support team does everything it can to clean the personal data and prevent it from ending up in any of the relevant files. In this way, we maximize your safety in our service and limit the number of people with your information.

The second vital approach that we take is the use of safe systems for payment and data storage. We work exclusively with the safest payment providers out there. When you buy something from our website, we don't collect any of the payment data. Instead, it remains on the websites of the banking providers. This approach allows us to concentrate on protecting a very small amount of data, which consists of the personal data provided during the ordering process. We encrypt all the information about the customers, the goal being to offer maximum anonymity. All your emails remain hidden in the encoded systems of our website.

No tolerance for plagiarism at our dissertation service

Let's start with defining what plagiarism is. It involves the presentation of someone else's work as your own. For example, many students take the work of others and send it in as theirs. A common strategy is to download something from the Internet. Modern colleges and universities do everything to avoid this problem. They invest in thorough systems for controlling plagiarism such as Turnitin. For a service like ours, plagiarism is also a problem. We offer personalized learning samples, so if one steals something from the Internet, this means that the service is no longer personalized. Every text has its addressee, and our goal is to ensure that this addressee is our average customer.

How does our service avoid plagiarism of all types? Firstly, it invests in its anti-plagiarism tools. Our system tests other papers in the service and material from the Internet. If the threshold for plagiarism is too high and there are no proper quotes, we don't allow the text to be uploaded. Every writer has to undergo this anti-plagiarism test at our service. As a result, you can be sure that the work you get is of truly high quality. Secondly, we do everything we can to teach our writers how to avoid plagiarism. They undergo training related to proper paraphrasing and quoting at the beginning of their careers. More importantly, we give further guides later to constantly keep their skills updated. This factor has allowed our company to create a team that truly knows how to deal with plagiarism in various papers.

A term paper writing service that works with 75+ disciplines

A common question that we get is the following: "What subjects do you work with?" Our answer here is simple; Bid4Papers works with more than 75 disciplines. This means that you can order help in almost any subject imaginable. Do you want to work with political science? Our experts are here to aid you! Are you interested in arts or economics? We have people working with those disciplines too! We start with something common like business studies and go towards topics such as women's/gender research. This means that you can order any of a wide set of orders. Just send in your paper, and our experts will do their best to offer some relevant help.

And, what about the STEM disciplines? Yes, we work with them too! Our company offers help with physics, mathematics, programming, engineering, biology, and chemistry. This list is far from exhaustive. All you have to do is fill out an order form on our website, and we'll try to find a specialist. Bid4Papers deals more with Humanities-based tasks, but we have other sites that work on STEM. You can always contact the support department to provide you with the relevant links for the service you need. With us, you can do almost any task imaginable!

✍️ Wide range of writers
500+ experts for hire
🏃‍♂️ Flexible deadlines
You get your work on time
💸 Money-back
Get 100% of your money back
🔐 Ironclad confidentiality
We safeguard your anonymity
🛡️ Plagiarism-free
Completely original papers
🎓 75+ disciplines
STEM disciplines

Flexible deadlines help you buy dissertations online at any time

Our service also greatly cares about your ability to choose from various deadlines. When ordering from our service, customers can select the completion dates. The minimum we offer is three-to-four hours; yes, it's possible to get something that fast if the writers agree to the terms! Generally, the longer the deadline, the lower the price for the order. Here’s how it works:

  1. Short deadlines cost more. You can negotiate the full price with the writer, but expect a larger upfront cost. By short deadlines, we usually mean orders that must be completed within between 4 and 24 hours.
  2. Longer deadlines usually cost less, but require more completion time. Here, we focus on deadlines between two and fourteen days. Something longer is also possible, but the price decrease typically stops at around seven days.

In our opinion, the best option is to choose the longer deadlines. The reason is twofold. Primarily, they're simply cheaper. This means you can save funds on something big. More importantly, they give more time for customization. You have increased opportunities to add details and revise some aspects of the material. With a shorter deadline, doing something like that is usually much harder.

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