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We’ve all been in a situation when homework is piling up and the time to complete it is running out. Moreover, friends and tutors can’t help you every time, especially if it’s an emergency. That’s why it’s a good idea to contact a reliable research paper writing service in such cases. The real question is, how to choose the best essay maker among the bidders?

  • Assess their experience. There’s information about how many works each writer has completed and a short description of each profile. You can use this information to start forming your own opinion about a specific expert.
  • Look at their rating. Our users determine how many stars each essay maker has, so you can always rely on that data when making your choice. Essentially, it’s like determining which Uber driver suits you most, but with academic papers.
  • Compare them with others. Even if you like the very first writer you see, don’t rush to select them. The best strategy involves finding several other specialists that appear reliable and weighing the benefits you can get from each of them.

As you can see, it’s not hard at all to select the right essay maker when you have full information about each of them. Just remember that the writer you hire can become your partner for other papers too, as long as they’re available.

Getting in touch with your essay maker

We grant you the opportunity to communicate with your writer, and this is much more important than you might think at first. Some smaller tasks don’t require any additional clarifications, especially once you’ve provided clear instructions. Still, there are always small details that can affect the outcome.

For example, your expert has a choice between a friendly and strict academic tone in a paper where both options are possible. This is one of the cornerstones of an excellent paper that shapes the entire work. That’s why it’s important to answer your writer’s questions.

There are also cases when students need regular updates about their papers, especially when it's their first order. Every essay maker who works at Bid4Papers wants to provide you with exceptional materials, but this fact doesn’t negate your need to know about the progress. That’s why you can always message your writer and ask them how the work is going.

While communication is always necessary when you order a paper online, it’s always good to minimize it. There’s only one way to do that, namely to provide detailed explanations to your essay maker and upload all the files needed. While it sounds easy, this step can save both you and your expert a lot of effort.

Bid4Papers can be your ideal essay maker website

When you google “essay maker for students use,” you get a wide variety of options. Some of them are good, some are so-so, and the other ones can be really dangerous. No wonder many learners get confused and can’t decide which service to choose. Let’s look at the main criteria and how Bid4Papers fits them.

  • Useful guarantees. Reliable essay services make sure that the papers you get contain no plagiarism, have a money-back guarantee, and more. It’s straight-up risky to work with companies that offer nothing like that. Bid4Papers has the guarantees mentioned above and other ones you can read about in the next section.
  • Honesty about prices. While most services can provide you with occasional discounts, we believe in the benefits of a bidding system. In other words, we don’t interfere in the process, letting you choose the best writer and the best price yourself.
  • More than just essay writing. Potentially dangerous essay sites are often limited to essay writing, without any additional options. In contrast to that, we offer you editing services, writing guides, infographics, and multiple paper types. You can order a term paper or even buy a dissertation from our experts.

A good essay maker platform is about security

While Bid4Papers is a bidding platform that runs on a market principle, we make sure that no essay maker working with us commits dishonest actions. That’s why we have a set of guarantees that work for each and every order you make using our website.

  • Firstly, we don’t tolerate plagiarism. This rule is adamant. All the materials you get via our platform must be written from scratch. After all, you pay for fully original content, and you should get your money’s worth in full.
  • Secondly, we safeguard your confidentiality. We ensure that all your payments are safe and your personal data remains protected. We never publicly disclose our customers’ information, so you can rest assured that it’s completely safe to order essays using Bid4papers.
  • Third, we give you free edits and previews. You can ask the writer you hire to show you their style to understand if you like it. Moreover, you can revise your paper for free if it doesn't correspond to your initial instructions.
  • Fourth, we’re ready to give you a refund. We have a customer-friendly money-back guarantee, which means that you can get a fair percentage back if anything goes wrong. All you need to do is make a corresponding request so our managers can review your case personally.

Your preferences matter to the Bid4Papers team

We don’t stop at giving you the basic information on the essay makers who are currently available. No matter whether you need to buy dissertation or just a simple essay, there’s always an extra opportunity to assess the experts you can hire. Here are some of the ways to do that.

  • You can look at the best writers here. We sort our writers based on the average rating they’ve received from students who’ve ordered from them. In other words, you can see who your fellow learners like best right from the start.
  • Make sure to look at your expert’s awards. We’ve developed 7 different awards that we give to the most reliable and punctual writers. Once again, customers’ ratings are among the most important achievements, along with productivity and high paper quality.
  • Use filters to find specialists in the right field. You can immediately select the subject you need when you’re viewing the rating, so you only see the experts who can assist with your future order. This is another way to be more confident when choosing the best bidder.

We can make your studies more efficient

Every essay maker was a student once, just like you are now. They know your struggles so well because they’ve been there and did their best to conquer an onslaught of tasks and meet the pressing deadlines. Since our writers understand your worries and needs, we’re confident they can give you what you’re looking for. All you need is a little cooperation, but the beneficial effects of their help often go further than one paper.

Let’s imagine that you’ve ordered an argumentative essay to serve as an example while you're writing your own. You submit this academic work to your instructor, but they ask you to create another similar essay in one month. So, what can you do if you forget to order another paper? The answer is simple—you can reuse the one from before!

Any fully original essay with correct citations can serve as guiding material multiple times, as long as the one you’re writing is of the same type. In other words, you can’t create a good expository essay using an argumentative one to help you. Still, reusing appropriate samples can help you in many cases, up to the point when you can write any paper yourself after learning from real professionals.

💰 Comfortable bidding
Don’t have to pay immediately
🎁 Nice freebies
Free edits and previews
💸 Revision and money-back
Get 100% of your money back
🔍 Track your order
Check the writing progress
🛡️ Plagiarism-free
Completely original papers
🔒 Safety and confidentiality
We safeguard your anonymity

Things you should know before you order

There are several important principles you need to understand when you place an order to attract the best bidders. We’re glad to share some tips and tricks that can help you save some money and get the best expert to work on your paper.

  1. Papers with long deadlines are often cheaper. It’s only natural that urgent orders cost more. After all, writing a quality paper is harder when you need to do it in several hours. That’s why you can save some money by ordering your essays in advance.
  2. Find time to answer your writer’s questions. Sometimes, it feels tedious to reply to the messages from your expert, but that’s often a necessary step that allows you to get precisely what you need. When it comes to crafting your ideal essay, several minutes spent on clarifications are definitely worth the result.
  3. The more details you provide, the better. Still, you can always make sure that the essay maker you choose has no questions whatsoever. Just upload all the instructions you’ve got, including the course summary and other details if the task mentions them. Once you’ve done that, your writer will have all the answers right in front of them, so no questions will be necessary.

You might develop your own life hacks as you use our platform to get the papers you don’t have time and inspiration for. Just remember—we’re always there to make your experience as awesome as possible!


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