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Buy essay from a service with competent writers

Our company cares greatly about the quality of the writing we produce. We only hire specialists who truly know what they're doing. What actions do we engage in to guarantee a high level of productivity and quality? Here they are:

  1. Our service has strict selection criteria for its experts. We pick only those experts who have relevant education in certain spheres. For instance, we're interested in economics department graduates. They can help customers with difficult tasks related to economics and mathematics. When selecting experts, we always value the presence of higher education on their resumes. These individuals should unequivocally show that they can do difficult research work.
  2. We constantly test our writers. In every industry, some workers have a tendency to become too relaxed when they feel competent. To prevent any subsequent mistakes, we analyze our writers’ work periodically. What do we do? Every month, a quality control expert takes random samples of work from our writers and tests them. This approach helps our company to get some relevant insights and further boost the abilities of our experts.
  3. Our customers offer feedback about the work of the experts. When clients buy an essay and accept it, they can give a score for the work performed. This choice lets us see whether a writer is good at their job. Receiving many positive assessments usually means that the person in question is doing their job well. Less positive ones can be a sign that we need to check their work more thoroughly and/or often. This approach gives us the chance to accurately assess the work of all the key writers.

With our bidding system, you can buy essay at a good price

One of the key problems you may face with online services is the price. You might have a small assignment (say, 100 words) but still have to pay for a full page. At our service, this situation is less likely to happen. Why? Because we have a bidding system. This means that the customers don't simply pay a stable price for their order (say, $15 per page), but negotiate it with the writers.

What does this process look like at our service? Well, it's quite simple. After you place an order and describe the details, the writers start bidding on your order. They can offer varying prices for the same task. Some might go for a higher price and others for a lower one. You can review all the profiles and decide which specialist is the best for your case. Perhaps you don't need anything special and would prefer to choose the lowest bid from a writer with moderate skills. It's also possible that you may be after a genuinely superb text. In that case, your best bet is to choose the bid of the more demanding writers.

Why is this system so good? Firstly, it gives you a choice of prices. You are not limited to one cost for all types of tasks, which means that you can find the best deal that suits your (and not anyone else's) needs. Secondly, the system works well because you can choose the writer. In the traditional (for this market) framework, you pay for the order and then some writer accepts it. Here, a customer can choose the individual willing to work with them. This approach offers more flexibility regarding the quality of the papers. You can find the best option in price and quality out there. Few other services offer flexibility of this kind. Our bidding system is there to offer you the greatest degree of freedom.

Buy essay online without plagiarism

One of the worst accusations for any student is that of plagiarism. What is it? The concept involves the act of copying the work of someone else without acknowledging it. A plagiarist, essentially, steals other people's work and presents it as their own. It's very sad to be a scientist whose work becomes the property of others.

Plagiarism is highly problematic not only in university/college settings, but also potentially when you buy essay online. That is why we offer exclusively unique papers from our service. One of the key features of our website is personalization. A writer has to offer help that fits the needs of a particular person, and if anyone plagiarizes, then their help won't be customer-oriented anymore. For us, this type of behavior is unacceptable. Thus, our company does everything it can to disrupt any attempts at plagiarism.

How? We have two practices for combating plagiarism. The first is the use of our own software. Our programming specialists have developed unique programs that help with finding cases of plagiarism. The writers have to test their works by submitting them to these systems. This means that they can't send us any papers that have a low level of originality. We test every work to make sure that it offers genuinely new material, and if it doesn’t, it will never be sent to you.

As for the second approach, our quality control specialists constantly train writers to avoid plagiarism. What do they do? They teach the writers how to provide help without stealing the materials of others. Our writers receive presentations on proper citations and paraphrasing. In this way, we do everything we can to ensure the maximal level of safety for the customers of our service.

We help you buy an essay online with maximum comfort

Our service does everything possible to guarantee the total comfort of students who buy essay online. How do we achieve that? Above all, the process of ordering something from us is very simple. You have to follow several steps.

Primarily, provide our experts with information on your order in general. Choose the difficulty level and describe what we're supposed to do. We have convenient forms for all this information on our website.

Another vital action is to ensure that we have all the necessary files. Sometimes, certain books and articles aren't available online. If you ask us to do a review of some book, the most useful choice is to send it together with the task. The more information we have, the better. Your writer may have to spend less time searching for the material and more time writing your order.

Once you have sent in the relevant information, the bidding process starts. We've already described some aspects of it. You can choose from among several individuals ready to write your order. They can offer different prices and have varying levels of expertise. You should choose the person who best fits your needs here. Upon selection, we'll ask you to pay for the service. The payment will be the sum you've agreed on with the writer. At our service, you're the person who rules the selection process and the prices.

Lastly, a customer has to wait for the completion of their order. What should you do during this time? Check the order board from time to time. The writer may have some questions regarding the material. The sooner you answer them, the better, because getting fast answers usually means that we can deliver essays that are of higher quality.

Buy an essay with essential guarantees from our service

Our company does its utmost to deliver a service that's comfortable for users. What does this mean? Let's look at the key guarantees that our company can deliver to customers:

  1. Free revisions. It's likely that you may need some changes to your paper once it's complete. This doesn’t mean that you'll have to pay once again. As long as the instructions are intact, you can ask us for free revisions. Let's imagine you want to change some stylistic features or certain words. In those cases, we're more than willing to assist customers with this task. If you need us to adjust the text so that it more closely follows the instructions, any changes are free.

    "And, what if there's actually a change in the instructions? What if my instructor tells me something new after the text has already been completed?" In such cases, you need to pay a bit more. You can pay an extra 30% of the order price if you need a minor revision. Something involving bigger edits requires a 70% rise in the price. Obviously, a very small change can also be free if you negotiate with the writer. However, you will need to pay extra if there are some major changes in the instructions.

  2. Money-back. We also offer you the ability to have your funds returned in some instances. When does this happen? Firstly, a customer can expect a service of this kind when they want to cancel the order. You can get 100% of your money back if the writer hasn't started working on the paper. Secondly, it's also sometimes possible that no writers bid on your order. If this happens, we're ready to give you your funds back, no questions asked. Lastly, if you don't like the result, we also have a special procedure. In such cases, you can ask us for a refund, and a special, independent department will review it and offer a judgment on your claims. If they deem them justified, then you'll receive your money back.
  3. 24/7 support. Our service also prides itself on our ability to deliver help around the clock. Do you want to contact us in the middle of the night? That's not a problem! You can call us anytime, and someone will always be willing to answer. We have experts from the support department in our office all the time. This service is definitely centered around your convenience. Our goal is to provide you with relevant answers whenever you need them.
  4. Fast execution. When placing an order, you have the opportunity to specify the terms for which you want to receive the finished work. So if you need to buy essay now, it is quite possible with Bid4Papers writers. How does it work? On the website, you can fill out the form for placing an order, specifying the type of service, the terms of execution and the number of pages. The authors will respond to your request and offer a price for the services. You can choose the most profitable one for you. We guarantee the completion of tasks on time, because we have a quality assurance department that controls these processes.

Buy essay online safe: Why our service is secure

When buying an essay online, it's absolutely natural to question if the site you're on is secure. After all, many college and school tasks require some personal information. In that regard, our goal is to offer a service that is maximally secure. How do we do this? Our company has several approaches.

Primarily, we try to collect a minimum of information about the customers. You don't have to worry when ordering from us because we don't ask for a personal name or phone number. You can offer them, but they're not obligatory. If you want to be safe, it's always possible to use a pseudonym and provide no phone-related information at all. At our service, you have absolute control over the amount of personal information that we get.

Another vital approach for us is controlling the amount of information the writers get. Before we send your paper to the writers for review, our support specialists look through them. If we feel that the documents offer too much personal information, you'll know. Then, our experts will ask you to reduce the amount of personal data and ensure your maximal safety. We usually try not to send in any orders with extensive personal details. This approach helps us protect you.

Lastly, our servers use some of the best tools to protect data on the market. What do we do? Our company invests in anti-DoS and encryption programs. We do everything we can to protect all types of information about you on our servers. The goal, once again, is your maximal safety. We also don't use any payment systems that are too open. In this respect, only the most secure frameworks appear on our website. You pay through services that have truly stood the test of time. Customers should feel safe when using our service, and we can only achieve this by offering at least several layers of defense for your personal data. We hope that the approaches we offer here are sufficient for you.

Key reasons to buy essay writing online

Most likely, if you're reading this text, you want to think about buying essay samples from our service. In our opinion, there are several possible reasons to purchase them:

  1. Tutoring for particular subjects: Sometimes, university instructors fail at giving explanations, which means that you must try to understand everything on your own. In such cases, services similar to ours can be a true blessing. Why? Because they offer a way to purchase samples that explain particular topics. Let's say you don't get why the Great Depression took place. You can order an essay on this topic, and our experts may give an answer to this question. Using it, you'll be able to correct some mistakes in your thinking about economic topics. We offer a perfect substitute for some university-related services;
  2. Tutoring for essay writing in general: Essay structure is another problematic topic for many students. Many people don't realize how to write complex tasks, and as a result, they make many mistakes regarding argument order or even words. The best choice is to focus on emulating high-quality essays to overcome this problem. What do we mean by that? You can order something from our service. The writers know the critical standards of learning and can show you how to create a proper structure for an essay and deliver comprehensive and relevant vocabulary. By imitating the essays created at our service, you can find many of your mistakes in everyday writing;
  3. A fair way to study: Our service offers essays that can only serve as a study guide. We have a copyright to them, and the only thing you can use these materials for is learning. This means you can't submit them to your teachers. Our service is, thus, safe and perfect for anyone who wants to order something of high quality. You're getting tutoring study guides more than anything else. In this way, our service creates a path for learning rather than stealing the works of others.

Not just essays: You can buy dissertations online with us

Our company also offers help with many types of papers. What are they? Well, the choice is almost endless. Firstly, our company provides help with many variations of tasks. What options do we help with? You can ask for assistance with question-answer tasks, discussion essays, and literature reviews. Annotated bibliographies and projects are not a problem either. As long as you explain the essence of the task, we're ready to help with almost anything imaginable. Our experts have knowledge of working with different analyses and can offer help with any of them. You can even buy dissertations online.

🎁 Nice freebies
Free edits and previews
🏃‍♂️ Fast execution
You get your work on time
🕛 Reliable support 24/7
Instant chat with your writer
💰 Comfortable bidding
Don’t have to pay immediately
🛡️ Plagiarism-free
Completely unique essays
✍️ Wide range of writers
500+ experts for hire

Secondly, our service also offers aid in more than 75 disciplines. This means you can choose help in almost any task. We work with writing tasks both in Humanities and in STEM. What are some of the disciplines that we serve? Our company concentrates on helping with economics, political science, and religious studies. We also assist with women's studies and sociology. This list, by the way, doesn't even come close to describing everything available. You can get help with more tasks, as almost anything imaginable, from Business Studies to Art, is present. STEM homework is also out there. We work with physics and math, as well as chemistry and biology. Considering that you can choose from both long and short deadlines at our service, the flexibility is tremendous. You can get any task within 4 hours (if the writer agrees) or 14 days. The amount of options that you have is large.


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