We offer you the ability to choose the price for your order.

Once the writers calculate the price and make their bids, you are the one to decide how much you want to pay.
Let's have a look at two examples of orders:
TitleAny topic
(writer's choice)
Social Theory
Paper typeEssay (any type)Research paper
Deadline7 days48 hours
Please be aware that these are just made-up examples used to illustrate the factors that affect the final price of any order.

As you can see, the price depends on several factors:

  • Type of paper and its complexity
  • Number of pages
  • Deadline
Taking all these factors into account, writers calculate the price and make their bids. You have to decide how much you are ready to pay for your task, choosing the price you think is the most reasonable.
We don't have any exact system of discounts. It is our belief that the bidding process between customers and writers should run on a free market basis. Thus we try not to take part in this process, keeping balance between fair wages for writers and affordable pricing for customers.
We recommend you to compare the cost of your ordered essay with the cost of that written on your own: It will help you make a more coordinated decision.

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