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There are two kinds of students: those who delegate editing to specialists, and those who still try to do it alone. We’ll try to convince you why editing is quite a separate skill from writing or proofreading and tell you why it’s almost impossible to do efficient editing with your own papers if you have a critical load of writing work.

We’re, an academic assistance service providing different kinds of help to students from all parts of the world. We can be called an essay edit service, but we’re definitely not limited to that definition. Let’s find out how editing works and how you can benefit from it.

Professional essay editing service: Why every student should try it

The main reason behind the worthiness of editing services is the way your brain works. Once you write a sentence, you remember it better, thinking of it twice. Then, after reading it again and again, all the unseen mistakes dig deeper and deeper away from your attention, so you can’t get to them no matter how attentive you are.

Even if you have enough time to check your writing the following morning after you’ve completed it, the results can be slightly better, as you will be able to spot one or two mistakes. However, you won’t find the illogical or messy connections between sentences or paragraphs, as your helicopter view will keep you on the writer’s level.

The level of the editor is much “higher,” since they are professional readers that can penetrate the whole text from every angle and highlight its weak points for you as soon as you ask them to. Editing is always about making a paper better, not about creating a paper, but all experienced writers who have succeeded with their texts admit that without talented editors, they wouldn’t have gone beyond the level of their past skills.

Getting online essay editing help is another way to grow and evolve for you as a student, and it’s especially important if writing is a valuable skill for you. With an editor involved, you’ll be able to fix your mistakes faster and practice more efficiently. It’s like the contrast between going to the gym by yourself and going to the gym with a trainer. The difference in results over a long period of time is viable, even if the amount of effort invested is equal.

How editing and proofreading differ

As a student, it’s important to understand the difference between proofreading and editing.

Proofreading is a service for eliminating mistakes in the text of a paper, improving the quality of language, and making it sound more professional and natural. The main goal of proofreading is to make your writing look better, if we may say so. It takes the text as it is, working with its technical characteristics, not its content or logical connections.

Editing, in contrast, is a way wider process. It requires working with the sense of the text and the way this meaning is presented. Editing simplifies the consumption of the text by your readers. It always makes text easier to comprehend, grab the main thought, and see how it’s connected to the main topic or how it opens the central theme.

Choose the editing option if you feel that your text needs more improvements, including seeing the whole parts that need to be reworked. Even if you cannot see the way to do that, editing can point it out to you. And if you’re quite sure about the overall quality of your text but want to make it polished and without any errors, the proofreading services are at your disposal. Let’s have a deeper look at edited and unedited papers.

What professional essay editing changes in your paper

  • The flow

    Editing makes your paper sound more natural and similar to the speaking tempo. Each sentence plays its role in delivering the main thought of the paragraph. The flow should be easy to follow for any reader.

  • The accessibility

    If you’re quite fond of your discipline, you might miss the moment when your professional and scientific languages start to replace the simpler alternatives. It’s not so bad when you’re discussing a matter with your fellow students or colleagues that you all know very well, but your text must be simple and clear.

  • The structure

    If you’re working on a big assignment, processing tons of sources at once, and digging into one idea after another, it’s normal to get into a complete mess trying to juggle it all. Editing will help you to put everything together and in a logical order, like cutting gems to make them sparkle even more. Without proper structure and formatting, even the most valuable thoughts are impossible for anyone to understand correctly and in their full beauty. That’s why the structure of your paper is no less important than the thoughts you collect for it.

How our essay editing service works

“Editing my essay” is one of the most popular requests from students to search engines, so you can imagine how many companies offer their services answering your call. We’re one of them too, but the principles of our work are quite different from theirs.

Compared to other editing companies that take the payment beforehand, we have a bidding system. It means that you publish the details of your request on our website (which is completely free and confidential, by the way), and then our editors place bids with a time and price for your order. Also, you can review their previous works and decide if the style and expertise level fit your needs. That’s quite handy for students because you don’t risk anything. From our side, we keep our service transparent and motivate our specialists to be open and sincere with our clients. We believe in direct communication and positive experience as the main distinctive features of our service.

So, after you place an order and get enough offers from our editors, you have to pick one as the performer of your task, after which the other bids will disappear. While working with your chosen editor, you’ll be able to contact them via the personal order page and may ask our support team any other questions not directly connected to your task. After the paper is edited, you’ll get it back. We care about delivering orders before the deadline and doing everything possible to ensure the high quality of the finished material.

No matter how big or small your task is, completing it without breaking the agreed-upon deadline is a must. After you accept the paper, you can leave feedback, and, moreover, we’ll be glad to get it! As each of our editors is building up a reputation, every word matters to them, since it directly impacts their number of future orders.

Who are your editors?

Your editors are handpicked specialists working for our company. We select them for their experience in their profession, work habits, and experience with academic assignments. We hire only 9% of all our candidates because of the strict and challenging hiring process, so there are no random people on our team.

When is it high time to order editing services?

“The sooner the better” is the simplest answer. Editing requires some time to work on comments and edits alone. Maybe some parts of the text will require your full attention and reworking, or some parts of the research will be found missing. You cannot predict how many mistakes or areas for improvement your editor might find, so we strongly recommend that you request editing services in advance.

Another positive element is the price. You’ll always get a better price if you order the editing for your paper beforehand. No one likes to rush with urgent tasks! But if you’re in trouble and things are getting dangerous, you can even send us urgent tasks, and our editors will say what they can do for you right away.

Edit my essay: The stages your request goes through on our website

If you have tried to buy college papers on some other academic assistance websites, then you can imagine how the whole service works. However, with our bidding system, the situation is kind of different. After you select a writer, progress on your task begins. If your paper is quite big, like coursework or a dissertation, you can request part-by-part delivery and pay for each accepted part of the text respectively.

If your paper is quite small, you’ll get a notification that it’s ready and can review it on any of your devices. If you’re satisfied with our work, you pay for it and get the whole paper back in editable and PDF formats.

💰 Comfortable bidding
Don’t have to pay immediately
🏃‍♂️ Urgent deliveries
You get your work on time
💸 Revision and money-back
Provide you with free revisions
🔍 Track your order
Check the writing progress
✍️ Wide range of writers
500+ experts for hire
🔒 Safety and confidentiality
We safeguard your anonymity

Benefits you get from editing massive assignments

The bigger paper you want to edit, the bigger profit you’ll get from it. We often get orders for dissertations and extensive research materials because experienced students know for sure that to get better grades, you should put more effort into your paper than one person is capable of committing. They order editing services to improve the overall level of their text to the quality that their mentors expect.

Thus, with our services, you’ll be able to improve your writing skills as well as the overall quality of your papers, and get more insights into how and what to change to become a better student!


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