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How to Write an Interview Essay

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The Interview Essay’s Purpose

Most questions students have while writing an essay for interview are because it is a complex and very important type of work. The main value is that real communication with people and the collection of information firsthand will be realized. Because of this, it requires a critical and careful approach to all aspects of creating such a research paper.

Because of this, you can use exactly people as sources, which can already be considered a sociological survey. It also lets you get a much more in-depth knowledge of the topic because the guests can answer questions and get helpful information. The format will be useful for students, future journalists, and anyone who wants to develop their writing skills.

Format of an Interview Essay

First of all, it is essential to choose the format of an interview essay because all your further work depends on it. It is best to choose from the classic options used most often. However, you can expand them and choose what you like to get the most positive experience and correct answers.

Here are a few of the most well-known options:

  • story-based. This format allows you to paraphrase information and next to direct quotes use additional introductions to emphasize. This option is much easier to write because it lets you emphasize the needed information. You can add context and analyze, which is guaranteed to increase your scores;
  • conversational. You get much more freedom because you no longer have to stick to formal writing. You can address your readers directly and use different faces in the narrative. This option is used in both student papers and expert journals;
  • question-and-answer. The main difference is that you need to give questions and answer them. These are always direct answers, from which it is easy to understand what exactly the person opposite said;
  • informative. In this case, the interview is usually intertwined with the research itself, adding more exciting information and incorporating people’s answers into the text of the research paper.

In any case, regardless of the format, you should follow a specific structure. This will also help you to choose the correct answers and present them properly in your paper. Adjusting to the people you have invited is necessary to get the most sincere and correct answers.

Interview Essay Outline

If you are wondering how to write interview essay, you should not worry too much because such research activities are similar to other research papers. It will be enough to stick to the standard outline of articles:

  • introduction. In this section, it is necessary to introduce the readers, tell them about the topic, and provide your thesis statement for the research. Bid4Papers specialists have already told you about how to create it, but let us repeat that it should be an argumentative part of your paper;
  • main part. This will contain the basic information about the research, arguments, facts, statistics, and essay interview questions. All the components are very important to create a proper and structured paper. It is obligatory to stick to the chronological order of presentation so that readers are not confused by the information and can quickly find the necessary block with data at the moment;
  • conclusion. The conclusion of the work is as important as the beginning. The thesis here is recommended to paraphrase and tell about the study’s conclusions. You cannot discover new facts or arguments here because you have to use everything you have written before. Try to consolidate the chosen position with the readers.

At the same time, the content can be completely different because the interview is quite different from other variants of such topics. All because question answer format essay assumes a large number of received information from sources. In this case, your sources will be people, so it is important to record information from them correctly.

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Asking how to start an interview essay, you must realize that you must adhere to specific rules for creating such a research paper. But also valuable recommendations from professional authors, so you can do the work much more manageable. Here are these tips:

  1. The first thing to do is make a plan. But not the one we have shown you so far, but an extremely detailed one. Thanks to this, you can have a much more effective conversation with your interlocutor and get the necessary information. It will also allow you not to get confused by the data.
  2. Next, you must develop a strict thesis statement for your research paper. It is easiest to do this already after writing the rest of the paper because, in this case, you will be confident in your words and position. Regardless of the type of work, your statement should be concise, convincing, and truthful.
  3. When asking how to turn an interview into an essay, first, you should make your research paper specific. Even the simplest interview can create many of the same questions and answers, which you need to sift through and choose only those relevant to your paper. You will also be able to use the materials of your higher education institution, where there are often unique recommendations.
  4. The next stage is called editing. All your work is ready now, but you should still try to make the text high-quality and easy to read. Further on our material, we will talk more about this moment.
  5. Finally, document your sources and create an interview report essay. Thanks to this, you will be able not to repeat yourself and correctly quote all people with their answers.

Be sure to keep in mind the context of the research and your goals. You should continue improving the research material to produce a good result and responsibly hand in the paper. This will help you to maximize your support and create additional materials.

Separately, we emphasize that you need to choose the right topic for such an interview. Often, students fail to complete the assignment if the chosen audience does not fit the topic. In this case, either simplify the topic or change the audience.

Editing, Proofreading, and Proper Referencing

Good interview essays examples usually adhere to one of the styles of editing and formatting of the document and text. Thanks to this, the information is assimilated much better, and it is possible to trace a unified structure throughout the research work done. The APA format is often used, as it is perfect for sociological surveys, research, and interviews with people. MLA can also be used simultaneously, but this format is more intended for technical research.

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Most often, any example of interview essay will consist of several parts, which will be the basis of formatting:

  • title page. This essay about an interview informs the reader what the subject will be in the paper and who the person doing the research paper is. You should also consider that the academic paper will contain the name of the instructor and the date of the project;
  • summary. The next step is to create an executive summary, where a short section with basic information will be placed. Also, often in student papers, this paragraph may not be, so it all depends on the wishes of the teacher;
  • main part. This stage will be in every research paper because it usually contains essential questions for those you invite and exciting information, statistics, arguments, and other important data. It is also where the description and results of your research are placed. You should let your readers know what you were able to accomplish by creating a research paper;
  • references. The final page is the page with references to the sources you use. It is important to realize that interviews usually have nothing in the references section. That is, the personal details of the people interviewed are left out. However, if you used materials obtained this way, specify them here. It is necessary to do this because the page should not be empty.

You can also use a running header, which is necessary to indicate the name of the scientific material at the top of each page. Usually, the abbreviated title is placed there because there is a strict limit of 50 characters maximum. It is also used:

  • line spacing, because each page should have a double-spacing type so that it is convenient to read the material;
  • margins, which must be indented on all sides of the page by 1 inch;
  • a specific font. Usually, one of the three options is supposed to be used, but Times New Roman 12pt or Arial 11pt remains the best choice.

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All of this helped to create a structured paper. This will make the interview essay look good with the rest of the work and look attractive. It is also a consistent style of formatting, which allows you not to confuse the readers and gradually give out the necessary information in strictly formulated blocks.

It is essential to realize that the style of your essay can be completely different. And for example, the narrative interview essay will differ from the same version but critical format. The only thing that remains unchanged is that it is necessary to competently take into account and edit the data received for the subsequent submission of the research paper.

The information obtained can be valuable, but spelling or punctuation errors will lead to a loss of interest in readers. This distracts and makes you switch from the designated topic, which always plays against the author of scientific material. Your task remains to retain a person for the maximum amount of time so that they can realize your thoughts on the chosen topic or problem and the answers obtained. Important stages:

  • editing. Your interview essay outline must be clear and readable. This is the only way to make a good impression on your readers. Therefore, it is important to sit down and calmly reading the whole work, correcting mistakes and inaccuracies;
  • proofreading. Another important step that is better to assign to other people. Try to let your friends and acquaintances read your essay so that they can find weaknesses. You will be able to strengthen your academic writing and get a better grade because of this;
  • distribution of information. It is important not to forget about the convenience of the readers and try to place all the information in chronological order. In this case, it will be much easier for everyone to understand your intentions and thoughts, receive useful information, and be guaranteed to be correct.

All this will help you make an interesting and exciting introduction to an interview essay. The main thing is recognizing your mistakes and correcting the text in time.

Essay Interview Questions and Topics

Choosing the right interview essays topics is very important because it will be difficult to hold conversations. Here are some good topics that are best to use and create questions based on them.

What human values and principles are the most important to you? What do you think needs to change in the world and why?
How would you define happiness and whether you are happy? What historical event changed your life forever?
Why is music an important element of life, and what role does it play for you? What would a perfect day be like for you?
What fears do you have, and how do you overcome them? What advice would you give to those who are just starting on your journey? What advice would you like to receive at this age?

We hope that writing interview essay will not cause you any problems! And even if there are difficulties, you can always get help from an expert paper writer on the Bid4Papers platform. This is your opportunity to save time and get the necessary support.

In any case, we recommend you reread the useful information once again and use it to create a high-quality research paper. This will allow you to get a positive evaluation and authority in the eyes of your supervisor!