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Philosophy Essay Topics and Questions for Students

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Ethical Dilemmas: Examining Moral Philosophy Essay Topics

Understanding philosophy research papers can be complicated, especially for untrained students. There are a lot of nuances and topics in philosophy that can be highly controversial or deserve a lot of discussion from the audience. That is why students often need the help provided by Bid4Papers  philosophy essay writers. Please remember that our  paper writing service offers outstanding academic writing assistance in every discipline and on any topic.

Most interesting topics can be found in the morality section because such research papers always arouse genuine interest among readers, professors, and students. Writing such a research paper may not be accessible at all, but taking the time to choose the right topic is extremely important. That is why in the tables throughout our material, expert have presented the best topics for active study and writing papers.

The ethical dilemma with organ transplantationThe ethical dilemma in the work The Odyssey by Homer
The ethical dilemma of circumcisionEthical dilemma in oncology treatment
Ethical dilemma in refusing cancer treatmentEthical dilemma in pharmaceuticals and drug release
The ethical dilemma of euthanasiaThe ethical dilemma of isolation in Japan

Epistemology and Knowledge: Thought-Provoking Essay Questions

Such philosophy topic are of most interest to researchers and students who have a strong desire to learn. The very section of the discipline studies research, criticism, theory of cognition, and the structure of such research. That’s why students must study the topic well and draw their conclusions correctly. This will help you deal with everything and create a suitable research paper.

What does epistemology mean in the context of Descartes in The Matrix?What is epistemology in feminism?
How does the theory of cognition in epistemology develop?Rationalism versus empiricism?
How does epistemology explore the topic of racism?Assessing gnostic metaphysics and epistemology in society?
How does the epistemology of man differ from that of deity?What is the importance of the epistemology of modern society?
How did Socrates understand epistemology?Existing schools of epistemology?

Metaphysical Inquiries: Engaging with Existential Philosophy Topics

Writing philosophy essay is most often bound to befall you sooner or later because the themes of being human have always been relevant. Just think of Professor Nietzsche or Sartre, who significantly contributed to the philosophy section. There are also different varieties of the section because some add religion and study man in the context of god, while others focus on atheism.

What does dualism mean in existentialism?How did Nietzsche and Kierkegaard develop the ideas of existentialism?
21st century existentialismImportant aspects of existentialism in the philosophical conception
The role of existentialism in Shakespeare’s worksHow Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex” changed existentialism
Why existentialism is developing around the worldHow Beckett portrayed existentialism
The birth of existentialism in the 19th centuryHow should we interpret the existentialism of Seren Kierkegaard?

The Nature of Reality: Philosophical Questions for Essay Writing

Good philosophical essays examples often contain such issues because they are fundamental to the scientific discipline. There are numerous scientific studies and recorded dialogs. In each of them, you can find questions about the nature of reality because some of them study it in the context of the main center in the form of human beings. There is the opposite concept, which explores the world independent of the human mind. The research question to be answered here is whether man is an essential element of the universe.

What is the concept of my life?Analyzing the significance of the universe in the context of disconnection with humans
What is the idea of a just society?The connection between the world and the individual
How might the nature of reality affect modern society?Why is man the center of the universe?
Is the computer the same for artificial intelligence as the world is for us?Why can’t the world be explored without human influence?

Philosophy of Mind: Delving into Consciousness and Identity Topics

Practical, every philosophy paper topic will contain information about consciousness and how it should be perceived. That is, what is the very nature of human consciousness, the role of the physical and spiritual body. All this is a significant and debatable topic that deserves deep study and discussion. The typical problem is that if you put a human brain into another object, does that object remain human, retaining the mind.

How did African Americans develop contempt for themselves in their minds?How has the theory of collective consciousness itself been proven wrong?
How to develop your own consciousness, and can it be done?Does consciousness as such exist outside of our brains?
How does consciousness develop through family and community?How did shamans change the consciousness of the people around them?
How did the world war affect the consciousness of the average European?Why is neurobiology changing the way we think about consciousness?
How can a group of people affect each person’s consciousness in that group?What unusual states of consciousness can exist?

Aesthetics and Art: Thoughtful Essay Prompts in Philosophy

Such philosophy topics essays are popular with students because they are easier to understand and allow you to learn more about the world around you through art. Creativity and the ability to create something beautiful is given a lot of time in philosophy. Is art the meaning of a person’s life and the only way to express one’s feelings. The section answers many questions and lets you practically understand aesthetics and how it works in the modern world.

How do the arts affect the younger generation?Is it possible to change criminals through art?
Can aesthetics improve mood?How does nature create its own art?
Can art be evaluated objectively, or is it a subjective discipline?How does the desire to create aesthetics around you change a person?
Can art be a driving factor in human beings?What develops creativity in an adult?

Political and Social Philosophy: Topics for Critical Analysis

Studying philosophical topics to write about is extremely useful because they provide a better understanding of the nature of the tools of politicians and how they affect society. The section explores the knowledge about the nature of politics and the importance of the mechanisms for the Czech people. How perfectly the system of managing people, the public, and opinions has advanced so far, and what evaluation criteria can be applied to the political structure of a country or the world.

What problems is the African political system experiencing from a philosophical perspective?The ancient philosophy of societal management
How did John Rawls influence social and political philosophy?The idea of rights and justice in political philosophy?
Political philosophy in ancient GreeceWhy is man a political animal?
How did Aristotle interpret political philosophy?How does tyranny in political philosophy differ from democracy?
How is the state program implemented in different cultural strata of society in political philosophy?What is the state’s role in the social and political justice of the population?

The Philosophy of Ethics: Ethical Theories and Contemporary Issues

Such research paper topics philosophy study closely issues that are close to moral. The discipline discusses how people’s behavior changes depending on their moral compass. What exactly can educate people morally, and what consequences of each decision can come. Through this, it is possible to understand each individual and the nature of their actions based on the moral restraints and principles they have adopted.

Can teachers in schools prevent future crime?Is euthanasia a necessary procedure, or should it be banned?
Why are ethical issues so difficult?Should every healthcare provider know the principles of ethics when working with a patient?
Can a school punish students ethically?Is being very rich a bad thing ethically?
Should anonymity be abolished ethically?What are business ethics, and how do they work?
Why does society not support racism but continue to perpetuate it?Can we ethically condemn feminism?
Is it ethical to pay special attention to women regarding their rights?Can a state ban abortion from an ethical standpoint?
Should immunizations be ethically mandatory for everyone?Is it ethically permissible to commit a crime for one’s own defense?
Can mass surveillance of citizens be justified?Sexism in the workplace from an ethical perspective

Eastern Philosophical Traditions: Essay Topics on Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism

The topics are exciting, if only because of the large number of currents organized into categories. Thanks to this, you can delve into history and find interesting philosophy arguments topics that will make you spend hours in discussions. This philosophy originated in China and India and is an exciting topic. You can see the world differently and form your opinion thanks to the significant differences.

How is Buddhism evolving in America?What are karma and rebirth for Buddhists?
What does tea mean for Buddhism?Differences between Judaism and Buddhism
Why Buddhists don’t believe in godsHow does Zen Buddhism teach children?
What is the concept of Taoism?How are there levels of initiation in Taoism?
How did Taoism become one of the three major religions in China?What does Taoism teach in terms of philosophy?
What are the main preconceptions there are about Taoism?How does Taoism distinguish death from other philosophical and religious movements?
The role of philosophical reasoning in ConfucianismTaoism and Confucianism go hand in hand.

Applying Philosophy to Everyday Life: Practical Essay Questions

The best philosophy paper ideas will always contain practical aspects of using the discipline in real life. This is your opportunity not to be afraid of complexity and to be able to look at any problem from the outside. It also helps you understand relationship with other people and the nature of their actions, decisions, and deeds. Such a philosophy also teaches you to trust yourself and not to give in to emotions. It all depends on which particular current discipline you will apply.

What is the philosophy of utilitarianism and militarism?How has pragmatism evolved?
What is systems theory all about?How god is a question, not an answer
Analyzing philosophy as a practical method to solve conflictsWhat does Socrates teach?
Why does immoral realism develop?How do pacifism and justice lead to wars?
How do you measure the success of the modern man?How philosophy takes up Anaxagoras’ essays
Can war be just?How does sacred purpose change a person’s perception of their moral compass?

Philosophical Debates: Contemporary Topics for Essay Discussions

An essential part of the whole discipline is that each person can express their opinion and have it discussed by the rest of the audience. Due to this, the expression in the debate is that truth is born. This plan’s efficient essay is excellent in helping students learn more about debate and how to use their opinion correctly, tell the right arguments, and argue their position. In many ways, the philosophical currents of modern times were formed based on this.

Is it possible to know the world completely?Which is true, polygamy or monogamy?
The development of atheism in the 21st centuryWhat are the benefits of an unequal marriage?
Does a person deserve to be forgiven?Can the death penalty be just?
Can animals be kept in zoos for the amusement of humans?Who can decide a person’s fate?
Should injuries be covered up or discussed?Maslow’s pyramid: reality or fiction in the 21st century?
How can technology harm humans?Can a person’s ambition be justified?

The Intersection of Science and Philosophy: Essay Topics on Philosophy of Science

It is widespread for science, philosophy, and religion to intersect simultaneously and create extensive discussions. In this respect, the discipline helps to study science from a very different angle and to learn much more about the social sections of a particular scientific work. There are also more specialized sections that study only specific scientific disciplines. Such essays usually receive positive marks if the argument and facts are presented correctly and the author’s reason is given.

How do philosophy and science intersect in today’s world?The role of the observer in testing theories of science
Are past and future real from the perspective of the philosophy of science?Conspiracy theories in the philosophy of science?
Comparison of the scientific and philosophical approach to assessing eventsWhy doesn’t quantum mechanics work without philosophy?
How did Thomas Kuhn change the view of the philosophy of science?Why is Karl Popper ambivalent about the philosophy of science?

Reflecting on Personal Beliefs: Philosophy Essay Questions for Self-Exploration

Extremely often, the best philosophical essays have much to do with the person, their everyday life, and personal beliefs. For this purpose, a section of essays examines the person himself, his decisions, principles, and beliefs from a scientific discipline. Through this, it is possible to understand the person much better and learn a lot even about oneself. It is an opportunity to understand the nature of the decisions made and one’s moral compass.

Can a person know himself?What is the importance of pacifism for each individual?
Can a person find the meaning of life?Human rights in terms of self-sufficiency?
What influences a person’s moral compass?Are a person’s principles born because of upbringing?
How does family influence the formation of beliefs in an individual?How does the struggle for success lead to unhappiness and sorrow?