I Paid for my Essay. There’s a Chance my Professor Wrote it

You probably know that October 18th been the Second International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating, and saw the bunch of happy faces from various colleges holding a sign “I don’t contract cheat because…” The most popular answers were “Because it’s not fair” and “Because I want to be judged for my own work”. However, the most honest, to our taste, was the girl holding the whiteboard with just one word written in all caps: “CONSEQUENCES”.

Two things to say:

  • We don’t think there is only one truth here. Thousands of people go to the paid essays sites for hundreds of reasons. When asked to share few insights, here’s what you said:
  • I paid for essay because…

    * If you have something to say, send it to us. We won’t tell.

    The one with “I found out my professor writes papers on the side and was curious how he will assess himself” simply rocks.

  • Academia now recommends using software that can pick up on shifts in your tone and style – sustaining the voice that the student had established. We don’t want you to suffer from consequences. Below is a quick toolkit on how to avoid getting caught.

These tips will help you to stay on the safe side, and what’s more important, learn from your paper even if you couldn’t make to write it:

  1. Read your essay. It’s the least you can do to avoid getting caught. The toolkits for Detecting Cheating all start with “Ask student about the ideas from essay” advice.
  2. If you order several papers, order them from the same writer to ensure the sustainability of tone and style. Or, at least, show your previous samples to the new author.
  3. Provide writer with your DRAFT for an assignment. As short as couple sentences, it will give the idea of your thinking. What’s more important, you can later show professor your draft to prove you’ve worked on this essay.
  4. Sometimes professor will let you start your writing in class to see your abilities and your thinking. You absolutely should provide these notes to the writer, too.
  5. If you have a distinctive position on topic, or a particularly strong thought on it, be sure to communicate it to your writer. Having your personal opinion incorporated in essay will make you feel more connected with it and therefore ensure you’ll grab the material better.
  6. As you read through the paper before submitting it, look for the words that you would rarely or never use, and replace them. It’s better to sacrifice the sophistication for the sake of credibility.

We’ll be there for you. Pay for essay, safely.

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