50+ Best Writing Apps to Help With Essays and Other Content


Yeap, writing apps. Again.

I know what you’re thinking:

How many blog posts with creative writing apps do we need to find the best ones finally?

Well, this one would be a nice try. It gathers all the best writing apps in one place, divides them into categories, and reveals the top advantage of each for your better work with text content. Whether you write essays, blog posts, or marketing content, here you’ll find the right tools to fulfill your writing needs.

Let’s jump to categories!

Writing Apps for Organizing Ideas



Website: https://trello.com/Price: Basic – free, Business – $9.99/monthRuns on: any modern browser

You’ll find Trello in most lists with the best, free writing apps. This powerful project management tool helps us organize thoughts, take notes, manage writings, assign tasks, work with editors, and more.


Website: https://evernote.com/Price: Basic – free, Premium – $2.5/month
Runs on: software

Use Evernote to collect all thoughts and creative ideas in one place. It offers dozens of templates to organize everything, from note-taking to structuring a content asset. As well as Trello, the app allows you to share notes with collaborators, chat with them, etc.


Website: https://milanote.com/Price: Basic – free, Unlimited – $9.99/monthRuns on: browser

It’s a writing app for content creators in need of organizing research, writing ideas, arguments, and outlines in one place. Milanote shows up all the notes in related blocks for easier understanding and organization.

To Doist

Website: https://todoist.com/
Price: Basic – free, Premium – $3
Runs on: browser

As it follows from the name, this instrument serves to create to-do lists, get overviews of writing tasks, prioritize them, or even assign them to other people. Add to-dos for every writing idea you have so that it wouldn’t get lost once it appeared.


Website: https://www.rev.com/Price: $1.25 per minuteRuns on: separate software

It’s a dictation app for writers, allowing you to note ideas and create drafts quickly on your phone and then send to Rev experts for transcription. Perfect for brainstorming, interviewing someone for quotes and citations in future content, etc.

Plain Text Editor

Website: NoPrice: free
Runs on: your computer

For those unwilling to spend time and money on writing software, a plain text editor (Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac) will be the best option. Write down ideas quickly and easily whenever inspiration strikes you.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Website: https://www.nuance.com/dragon.htmlPrice: $300
Runs on: separate software

Content creators can use this dictation software to note ideas and “write” drafts faster. When feeling stuck and with deadlines at the door, dictate thoughts to the app and then convert speech to text to save time on writing.


Website: https://www.audible.com/Price: 30-day trial, $14.95/monthRuns on: separate software

Use it to listen to audiobooks and find new writing ideas for your content. Audible is an excellent tool for inspiration, research, and shaping your thoughts.


Website: https://coggle.it/Price: Basic – free, $5/monthRuns on: browser

This instrument is a mind-mapping tool for brainstorming your writing ideas, finding the connections, and organizing them into related blocks. Draw shapes, connect them with branching lines – and get the creative boost we all need from time to time to start writing.

Tools to Help with Titles, Thesis, and Outline


Thesis Statement Generator

Website: https://bid4papers.com
Price: freeRuns on: any browser

Generate your content asset’s main idea to ensure it’s assertive and argumentative enough to engage the audience. This tool works best for essays and other types of academic papers students get in college.

Headline Analyzer

Website: https://coschedule.com/headline-analyzerPrice: freeRuns on: any modern browser

This writing tool from CoSchedule helps generate top-notch headlines for blog posts so they would traffic to your content. It analyzes a title based on a word count and balance, its clarity and sentiment, skimmability, and more.


Website: https://dynalist.io/Price: Basic – free, Pro – $7.99/monthRuns on: separate software

Dynalist is for those in need of writing outlines for essays, long reads, blog posts, book chapters, etc. Plus, it enables sharing, so you can use it to assign drafts to other writers for further work with them.


Website: https://plottr.com/
Price: 30-day trial, starting at $25/monthRuns on: separate software

It’s writing software that helps outline and plan stories. Plottr works best for book writers to build scenes and arcs of a story, organize a plot, and better plan a narrative.

Blog Ideas Generator

Website: https://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generatorPrice: freeRuns on: any browser

This one comes from Hubspot, allowing you to develop argumentative topics and creative writing ideas for your content. Enter up to five keywords (nouns) to the bar – and you’ll get tons of title variants to consider.


Website: https://www.ayoa.com/mind-mapping/Price: Basic – free, Pro – $10/monthRuns on: browser

Formerly known as iMindMap, this writing tool helps you create mind maps for journals, white papers, long reads, brand storytelling content, and more. It also works for non-fiction book writers, enabling them to organize and finish narratives faster.

The Best Writing Apps for Distraction-Free Writing


Google Docs

Website: https://docs.google.com/Price: free
Runs on: browser

A primary assistant for many content creators, this cloud-based writing app remains one of the most functional and comfortable to use. One of the best alternatives to Microsoft Word, it’s perfect for everyday writing work, with tons of editing tools to design content assets the best way possible.


Website: https://ommwriter.com/Price: $8.75Runs on: software

For Mac users in search of stylish yet functional distraction-free writer tools, Ommwriter is worth trying. It allows you to choose a keyboard and background noise, turn on a calming audio track, and focus on the writing process.


Website: https://focuswriter.co/Price: freeRuns on: browser

Want to try anything even more minimalistic than Ommwriter or other distraction-free tools? FocusWriter provides nothing but a sheet of paper with no formatting options, background noises, or research notes so that you could concentrate on words and make your writing even more persuasive.


Website: https://getdrafts.com/Price: freeRuns on: browser

For those in love with Google Docs but willing to try a more straightforward interface, this best free word processor will keep track of your writing progress. It functions like Docs and emails you reminders about your daily writing goals to accomplish them asap.

Written? Kitten!

Website: https://writtenkitten.co/Price: free
Runs on: any modern browser

This app may be a savior for those in love with cats and need the motivation to start writing a draft. Here you’ll get a picture of a cute kitten once you write a certain number of words. Perfect for free-writing practice.

750 Words

Website: https://750words.com/Price: freeRuns on: browser

This app serves to help you build a daily writing habit and practice personal essays, creating at least 750 words per day. It tracks your progress, saves your writings to review them later, and shares the writing insights: your average words per minute, your preferred writing style, mood, etc.

Calmly Writer

Website: https://www.calmlywriter.com/Price: freeRuns on: browser

It’s the best writing platform for distraction-free content creation. Here you’ll have nothing but a black screen to put words on “paper” and avoid procrastination or any other unnecessary “breaks.” Sure, you can add visual content, save your writings, or even print them if needed.

Cold Turkey Writer

Website: https://getcoldturkey.com/writer/Price: Basic – free, pro – $9Runs on: separate software

This one is perfect for writers who find it challenging to avoid distractions and beat procrastination. The app helps you focus on writing, eliminating and blocking everything except a blank sheet of paper from a computer screen.


Website: https://freedom.to/Price: $6.99/monthRuns on: separate software

As well as Cold Turkey, this app syncs your writing time across all the devices to turn them off once it’s time to craft content. Freedom turns your computer into a productivity tool, where nothing will distract you from the writing process.


IA Writer

Website: https://ia.net/writerPrice: 14-day trial, starting at $4.99/yearRuns on: separate software

It’s a distraction-free app for writing blog posts or articles. Thanks to the Focus Mode feature, the tool highlights the line you type and fades out everything else on the document to provide for a 100% focus on what you write. It also syncs your writing across all of your devices.

Write! Pro

Website: https://writeapp.co/Price: $24.95Runs on: browser

This writing tool reminds IA Writer, but it includes more functions: You can decide on the Focus Mode and choose between white and dark themes; it has different fonts. Unlike other distraction-free writing tools, Write! Pro also provides editing tools.

Day One

Website: https://dayoneapp.com/
Price: Basic – free, Premium – $2.92/monthRuns on: separate soft

For those struggling with writer’s block, Day One is excellent writing software to try. Use it every day to write a short journal entry about your ideas and concerns, brainstorm new content topics this way, or practice to improve your writing skills.


Website: https://blurt.app/Price: 14-day trial, $4.99/monthRuns on: browser

Blurt helps you write better with no distraction but clear goals. Define a type of project you have (a blog post, a critical essay, a journal, a social media post, etc.) and start writing, following the app’s readability suggestions. Once finished, you can export your work to Facebook, Twitter, or Medium.


Website: https://bywordapp.com/Price: starting at $5.99Runs on: browser

It’s a Markdown writing app to help you write faster. Start writing plain text so nothing could distract you from the process, and then quickly convert it to HTML to export your work directly to a publishing platform. You can also convert writings into Rich Text or PDF.

Daily Page

Website: https://www.dailypage.co/Price: starting at $3.99/monthRuns on: browser

This one is a great tool to practice writing, improve your skills, and get a distraction-free space for content creation. Daily Page sends you writing tasks every day, allows you to learn blogging, screenwriting, expository writing, and storytelling.


Website: https://coffitivity.com/Price: Basic – free, Premium – $9Runs on: browser

For those writing better in coffee shops or co-working places, this app will come in handy. It recreated the coffee shop sounds within a web browser, influencing your writing flow and focus for better productivity.


Website: http://www.hogbaysoftware.com/products/writeroomPrice: $9.99Runs on: software

This tool is for Mac users, promoting a distraction-free writing environment. Use it to clear the mind and focus on nothing but words flow. Auto-save and word count options allow you to stay on track with the writing process.

Writing Platforms to Manage Projects



Website: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerPrice: starting at $19.99
Runs on: separate software

It’s a popular writing tool for organizing long-form projects (dissertations, novels, screenplays, etc.) Scrivener provides you with all the word processing features to manage, navigate, and edit your works.


Website: https://ulysses.app/Price: free trial, $5.99/monthRuns on: separate software

This one reminds Scrivener but is more focused on the Markdown formatting of your long-form writing. It helps keep a flow during writing sessions, track your progress, and staying organized with all the projects you have. For Mac users.


Website: http://www.spacejock.com/yWriter.html
Price: Basic – free, Pro – $12 or $25Runs on: software

Content creators who break their stories into pieces and need a storyboard to organize the plot and review narrative arcs, this writing app is for you. It will also send you reports on word count, the state of a draft, your progress, etc.


Website: https://storyist.com/Price: $4.99/monthRuns on: software

One of the best screenplay typing apps on the market, Storyist will help you create scripts for brand storytelling videos, organize your fiction stories, format them, keep track of story characters and setting, and more.

Final Draft

Website: https://www.finaldraft.com/Price: 30-day free trial, $149.99Runs on: separate software

This writing software is a perfect choice for screenwriters. The app’s functionality is broader than that of traditional word processors, and it can assist you with long-form writing project organization.

Living Writer

Website: https://livingwriter.com/Price: 30-day free trial, $8/month
Runs on: browser

This writing app is accessible via web browsers, and it serves to arrange your story plots. It offers outline templates for all the famous story structures, so you can choose and apply those fitting your writing needs most.


Website: https://convertkit.com/Price: freeRuns on: any browser

This writing app will help you build an email list for readers. Designed for bloggers and writers specifically, ConvertKit allows creating email courses based on your informative or educational content and send them to the audience at the right time.


Website: https://vellum.pub/Price: $199.99Runs on: separate software

For those writing e-books for business or personal promotion, please pay attention to this tool (for Mac users only). It helps create and prepare e-books for self-publishing, and it’s easy to use even if you’re not a designer.


Website: https://www.airstory.co/Price: 7-day trial, $25/monthRuns on: browser

Airstory is a tool for content creators willing to capture and save reading materials online. Once you come across interesting information, you can clip it into Airstory and later drag it into your newsletter or article in Google Docs. Perfect for non-fiction writers or those working with curated content.


Website: https://www.campfiretechnology.com/Price: Basic – free, Pro – $49.99Runs on: separate software

While this story planning software aims at helping fiction writers, its features will come in handy for everyone working with texts and word building. It seems a bit complicated to use, but the roadmap available on their website will solve the problem.


Website: https://novlr.org/Price: starting at $8/monthRuns on: separate software

This writing software offers an extensive pool of features to organize long-form writing projects. It saves the progress, shows suggestions for fixing your writing style, grammar, and spelling, and allows you to overview all the chapters for better workflow.


Website: https://www.zotero.org/Price: freeRuns on: software

This writing app is a must-try for students and everyone working with academic papers. It helps collect and organize sources and generate citations for research papers, dissertations, and more. Zotero will create a bibliography or references in a citation format you need.

Writing Apps for Proofreading and Editing



Website: https://www.grammarly.com/Price: Basic – free, Premium – $29.95/month
Runs on: browser

Grammarly checks and corrects your grammar and punctuation mistakes, explaining why it’s wrong and what to write instead. It’s one of the best writing apps “all-in-one,” with a plagiarism checker, style guide, word count, and readability scores built-in.

Hemingway App

Website: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/Price: freeRuns on: any modern browser

This free, online writing app is super popular among content creators. It removes everything that might negatively influence your writing’s readability: redundant adverbs, passive voice, too complex sentences, and more.


Website: https://prowritingaid.com/Price: Basic – free, Premium – $79/yearRuns on: browser

Try ProWritingAid if you want to make your texts as polished as possible. This tool reminds Grammarly but is more tailored for long-term content writers. It offers editorial suggestions to improve the overall language of your writings, not just grammar or spelling.

Ginger Software

Website: https://www.gingersoftware.com/
Price: from $12.48/month
Runs on: browser

This one is perfect for ESL writers: It helps you translate files written in French, Spanish, German, and other languages and check them for grammar mistakes.

Software and Platforms to Check Your Writing Quality


Read My Essay

Website: https://bid4papers.com
Price: free
Runs on: any modern browser

This free online tool from Bid4Papers checks if an essay or any other written content sounds good. Paste it to the editor – and listen to a voice reading it aloud so you could spot any typos, grammar mistakes, or readability problems.


Website: https://www.naturalreaders.com/Price: Basic – free, Personal – $99.50Runs on: software

With the same functionality as Read My Essay, this writing software will help you catch typos and awkward phrases in your text content. Choose a voice and its reading speed, pause and revise if necessary, and improve your writings that way,


Website: https://readable.com/Price: starting at $4/monthRuns on: browser

This writing tool makes your texts more, well, readable. It provides a thorough textual analysis, pointing out all the weak prose indicators and giving statistics on text composition, reading time, and other readability scales.

Cliché Finder

Website: http://www.clichefinder.net/Price: freeRuns on: browser

The name of this app says it all: Use it to highlight cliché phrases in your writings and revise them accordingly. While it might not be as harmful to mention some clichés in texts, you want to know if they are there, don’t you?


Website: http://adverbless.com/Price: freeRuns on: browser

Content creators know that some adverbs are redundant and can weaken the prose by far. Adverbless is a tool that highlights and analyzes all the adverbs in your writing, helping you decide on leaving on removing them from your message.


Website: https://www.quetext.com/Price: Basic – free, Pro – $9.99Runs on: browser

It’s a free, web-based plagiarism checker to help you avoid duplications and unintentional copyright infringement in your content. Paste your draft into the tool to see if it contains plagiarism and if you cite all the sources right.

What are the best spell check apps?

Now, the best writing apps are only gaining popularity because it allows you to improve your writing and make your academic papers more professional. Among such can be confidently named:

  • Grammarly;
  • iA Writer;
  • Evernote.

And others. You must use them and notice changes in the first week.

The best blogging apps

In this respect, the writers app has become much more advanced. A person will be able to get advanced functionality and full technical support. Popularly used:

  • WordPress. 
  • Feedly. 
  • Medium.

It is worth trying each option and choosing for yourself the most suitable.

What is the best script writing app?

Such apps for writers often involve additional features and the ability to save your work in multiple versions easily. Now it is worth paying attention to:

  • Acr Studio Pro.
  • Scriptation. 
  • Studiobinder.

The applications have provided professional services for many years and can be used for free. 

Get All the 50+ Writing Apps in One Place

Have no time to look for a necessary writing app and read its description here? What about a handy infographic specifying them all in one place?

Feel free to save and share with fellow content creators whenever needed:


And now that you have all the best writer tools in your pocket, it’s time to create a compelling content asset. Whether you write essays, blog posts, marketing content, screenplays, or fiction books, these instruments can help you organize and improve your writing projects by all means.

But if you still want to get expert writing help from humans, the Bid4Papers team is always here. 🙂

Frequently asked questions

Especially for our readers and future writers, we have collected useful answers to the most common questions. We tell you how the best software for writing a book can affect your life.

What is the best app to write a book?

It is best to familiarize yourself with the functionality of each program and choose something that suits you best. Google Docs, AtomicReach, Yoast, and others are popular in this category.

What are some free essay writing apps?

The most popular writing apps free because they are available to everyone. These include Scrivener, FocusWriter, and Grammarly.

How to choose writing apps for authors?

First, you should familiarize yourself with the functionality and try to use the program. Then it all depends on your preferences, goals, depth of customization, and use cost. Usually, beginners try to choose from the category of programs with a free plan.